The Preyer

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The Preyer, a 2D Spookathon

Note: Windows only, when running windows will stop it and say “We saved you”. Click on “more info” then click “run anyway”.


The Preyer is a top-down, survival horror-ish game that I developed to test out a concept I came up with. The concept was simple, the camera pans and zooms in and out to accommodate nearby light sources. This creates a visual feel that where there is no light you literally cannot see.

The concept was awesome and I thought it worked well. Otherwise however it’s a typical horror collect-em-up. I may come back to this project in the future. This project was super interesting because I built a top-down Pixel style game similar to what I grew up playing such as Zelda, Golden Sun, and Chrono Trigger. There is just something about the pixelated art style that is really appealing to me and that I enjoy producing.