Simple Responsive UI

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This is a couple of simple scripts that make it easier to create more responsive apps in your games. Using these two scripts you can draw and position objects based on the scale of the screen.


The meat and potatoes of this tutorial talks about positioning things onto the screen using two basic scripts:

Fundamentally these scripts break the screen in to 12 “sections” ( x for horizontal, y for vertical ), and allows you to position things based on these sections.

For instance, let’s say your view is 300 pixels wide and you ran the following:

This would return 25. If you set this as the x position of an object, it will always be positioned 1/12th away from the left of the screen.

Same for the the y coordinates.

The video covers this much more clearly.

In Closing

This is a very simple extension, and one that has worked quite well for me. I used it to build my app ByMorte.