Pull The Rope

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The result of a 10 day game jam

Note: Windows only, when running windows will stop it and say “We saved you”. Click on “more info” then click “run anyway”.


Pull The Rope is a simple game I did for a Jam in early 2015. Certainly isn’t my best work but for time spent on it (10 days) I was very happy with the result.

The engine behind this later lead to what runs CRI. It was a happy, fun experiment. I toyed with limited level generation, physics, and lighting effects. Not to mention a wonderful music contribution by Sean Pack. The theme of the jam, titled the “Controversial Jam”, was addiction. I attempted to make a statement about repetitive but rewarding addictions, namely those based on a skinners box. The most fun was simply the rope pulling physics.

As a “Game”, I would consider it a failed project. However as an experiment I feel it was a complete success.